Becoming Membership in the BPS is a privilege. And the founders of BPS organization are members from the initial day this association was registered in the record book. Moreover, there are seven types of Membership: temporary, full, associate, life, Science and Technology, honorary, and divisional Membership. To be a Polygraph Examiner Member, Polygraph Examiner will entitle only by complying with the following conditions. Under the age of 23 cannot be a member of BPS.

One should have an academic degree in behavioral science like Psychology, Social Work, Criminology, etc. or any other applicable degree that the Board of Directors permitted, through a certified academic facility. A Graduated Polygraph Training according to the BPS and APA’s standards. One should complete a least of 200 Polygraph Exams manage by a qualified examiner. During the three years following his graduation from a skilled academic facility by the APA or during the two years earlier to the submission of the membership application. Before that, the graduate will acknowledge as a temporary member of the BPS.

Temporary Membership will approve to any graduate of a certified school by the APA until 200 Polygraph Exams Completion. And this same procedure will be applied to full Membership as well. Full members of the APA shall be instinctively accepted to the BP

once the candidate submitted his membership application. Associate Membership will give to the one who is not a british polygraph association Examiner, yet his work has relevancy to Polygraph. Life Membership is granted to the organizer of the society, a member of more than 25 years successively and a retired member.

Science and Technology Membership are fixed to a person who does researches and builds up the technology to promote the polygraph profession. Honorary Membership approved to a person in the case of the Board of Directors decided to accept because of his unique contribution to the polygraph profession. Divisional Membership is given to any organization that agrees with the standards and rules established by the BPS.

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